Cost of 6:6kw solar system Installed

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We can get all available panels and inverters that are in Australia

Valid in October 2021

Cost of 6:6kw solar system Installed in Melbourne
Tier 1 Solar Panels 300kW up  370Watt Solar panels even beyond this size.

We are regularly using 370kw solar panels in Melbourne
We can custom any solar panel system installation
You can get the cost of 6:6Kw Solar Panel system from us. Call us on 1300556781  or if you prefer calling us on a  mobile 0411378082  WE can quote you for any 5KW Solar Panel System above.  We can install Batteries for you as well.  You will get great advice with no lies give us a call
Full Installation Including all parts & Labour
RRP: WE can beat nearly all quality solar quotes and solar packages
Not only you can get the federal rebate you also can get the Vic Solar rebate. currently it was $1,850. it is now $1,400 and probably will be less after December 31st 2021

So while you have been procrastinating

You are and continuing to paying high electricity bills and you are getting nothing for your money. No assets, no adding value to your house and no VIC Solar rebate. Plus it is currently $4,174 rebate from VIC Solar to you if you decide to install Batteries.

Government Rebate Approximately $3,000 for a 6:6KW system

So you decide either keep paying the power companies and keep them in business or produce your own electricity. The return of investment is outstanding for the installation of solar panels Melbourne Victoria

Tier 1 Solar Panels 275W x 27, 315W x 24 solar panels or 23x 330W solar panels

or using 300 Kw Solar panels
4 kw  Inverter x 2
Clenergy Racking
Full Installation Including all parts & Labour

Total Cost $ very Good

Tier 1 Panels 330W x 30 panels

or using 300kw Solar panels for melbourne Conditions
Solar Inverter x 2
Clenergy Racking
Full Installation Including all parts & Labour

Total Cost $ ……. Even better

Call Now either 1300556781 or 041137802 before you miss out.     

We also have fantastic solar panel system with batteries packages. For example 6:6Kw system with a big 10 Kw batteries system

$ Awesome Conditions single storey with pitch roof etc 

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