Energy Calculator – Electricity Bill Calculator for Melbourne,Vic

Electricity Calculator Bill Shockt’s hard to get an Energy Calculator or a  Electricity Bill Calculator which is easy to use or to work out your electricity bill so you can save money or to work out what size Solar Panel System you need to save you more money. So what we are going to do is give you a basic way to calculate your energy useage and read your electricity bill and likewise if you are planning to get Solar panels you won’t be left in the dark.

On your electricity bill you will have an average daily Kwh you use a day. {quite often it is next to a graph}

For example: you may consume 20Kw per day.

Now check to see how much you pay per Kw to your electricity company. There normally is a peak and an off peak.

Go by the peak power. Again for an example lets say you pay 30 cents per kw

Now you multiply the 20Kw you use by the 30 cents = Approximately $6:00 per day useage.

Now times $6:00 by 365 days {1 year} = $2,190 per year you pay to your energy {electricity} Company

A 5kw solar system would be suitable for this size bill.

To work out more accurately your electricity bill or energy useage we are more than happy to discuss how we can save you money. Call 1300 556 781 or you may prefer a mobile number 0411 37 80

Below this there is also another link to help you get a better idea of your useage and Electricity Bill calculations in the Melbourne Victoria area. link to energy calculator Victoria

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