Why get Solar for your Home or Business in Melbourne?

Why Get Solar- black-frame-solar-panelsWhy get Solar for your Home or Business in Melbourne?

1/ Because it is one of the best ways or is the best way to save money on your power bills.

2/ It helps the enviroment now and for future generations.

3/ It is a great investment. How? if you were to put $10,000 in a bank you may get 2% interest on it. However installing Solar, you should get a least 20% Return of Investment.

4/ It adds value to your house. People buying houses these days are very conscious of going green.

Things to consider, when getting home or Commercial Solar 

The next question would be what are some of the things you need to consider, before getting your Home or Commercial solar System. The  cost of a solar system installation, whether it is in Melbourne, Bayswater, Lilydale, Warragul,  Croydon or Melbourne Eastern Suburbs anywhere in  rural Victoria ? Make sure the Solar Panel Company sales rep has Identification, and find out from the police if the person is of good character that would be even better. Are they a Clean Energy approved Retailer? Likewise Accredited Installer from the Clean Energy Council? At Home Solar Panels we can supply you that when you have an obligation free consultation with us. We will show you how much money we can save you in multiple ways not just with the Solar Panel installation. With our expert analysis and accurate advice about the best design for your solar panel installation whether for your home or commercial premises we can help you make an informed decision.

Call 0480264982 for a free quote now! We can work out the best solution and  of a Solar Panel cost of Installation with our own Solar Installers.

Why get Solar installed with us?

With our special programs including a solar panel mapping program, this helps us to get the accuracy and the right advice to you. Likewise it also helps how your solar panel system should perform and save money for your home or your commercial premises. We will work out the best position for your home solar panels so you can the most efficiency out of your solar panels. Shade from trees and other things like chimneys and the direction and where the solar panels should face will be worked out for you. So you don’t have to worry, we do! As you can see you can’t get an accurate detailed assessment over the phone, in fact you should seriously consider taking their advice with a grain of salt. Remember this is dealing with a present and a long term future savings in mind, and your roof which is part of the most valuable investment you have.


home-solar-panelsWe be able to provide you with accurate estimates for your solar panel for your home or a commercial solar system payback time. We will give you a very good idea what to expect from your solar panel system in far as producing electricity. We do have various Solar Panels and Inverters whether for a solar panels for your or for a commercial solar installation, with flexible payment options. It is important when deciding to get a solar system to get a clean energy counsel approved retailer and accredited installers, why? Because if you chose one without these accreditations, it could cost you more than the solar system you got installed to fixed it. One of the main things that will help your decision is getting a good value system. At Home Solar Panels we will give some options to help you pick a good value system. Remember your solar system should provide anywhere up to 30 years of clean green solar energy. Also we genuinely believe we have the best installers in Melbourne and rural Victoria.

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We are Victoria’s fastest growing  Home and Commercial solar energy company .

  • We keep up tp date with the latest solar panels and inverter technologies.
  • Other companies prefer us to install solar for their clients.
  • Clean Energy approved installers.
  • The special legals we have makes sure we do a good solar installation.
  • You can pay after installation, if you want.
  • We pay for your 3rd party inspection of your solar system to make sure it is installed correctly.
  • We help you get the government rebates
                                  GET A SOLAR SYSTEM THAT DOES WHAT YOU PAID FOR

solar-panels-saving-with-lady-and-piggyWhich do you prefer, a car you want that does what you bought it for or a car that is cheap and then you regretted you bought it because doesn’t do what you wanted it to do!! In a similar way do you don’t go to the $2:00 shop to buy something that will last you years? Of course not. You buy something that will do the job at a affordable price. Likewise, as with us Installing Solar panels on your valuable house we will put a quality solar system on at an affordable price that will do what you wanted it to do.

  • You can get Solar Panels Melbourne, the Rolls Royce Solar company of Melbourne, to install a great Home Solar system, or a commercial solar system at a affordable price. Plus we will give you fantastic warranties and brilliant service. I know what I would choose and most sensible people would choose, and hopefully you will choose us. Call now and see how we can help you. 0480264982

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