Is battery storage for solar panels in Melbourne Worth it?

Hi Everybody, I have another question people ask, is Back up batteries or battery storage for Solar panels  in Melbourne worth it? In most cases the answer is, no! However things have changed. Here is why. Battery storage helps with night usage or mainly off peak electricity usage however the rates charged per kilowatt is considerably less than peak power charges. e.g. off peak is about 20 cents to 36 cents so to get your return of investment it is going to be quicker now. R.O.I. time is longer than solar panels on their own that are installed on your roof. The interesting part now is, peak in Victoria is about 60 cents between 3pm until 9pm. Hence in the shorter days there little sun in those time periods therefore batteries can take over for you in this time period of 60 cents a kilowatt. Do you get what I mean?

Solar Battery Storage

Likewise battery storage costs are dropping, as for example we can install a 6:6 Kw Solar Panel system with a big 9:6KW solar storage after the rebates for about $13,888. The same system only a few years ago would of been up to $40,000 to install huge difference right. This is the best year to get them installed if you contemplating a battery and solar energy system to be installed in melbourne or Victoria.

As of now, you could be saving as much as you would with peak power rates. {during the day usage.} Also Solar battery storage cost in general is more expensive than solar panels being installed. {but the gap is closing as they have a bigger Melbourne Victorian rebate}. To make it more viable to use battery storage you will be saving 60 cents per kilowatt if you use extra solar power produced between 3pm to 9pm cents you are getting.  go here for more info 

I hope you like this info and if you want a solar panel installation quote with a free assessment of your commercial premises or home to see if it is worth doing, please call Bryn on a mobile 0480264982

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