Why get Solar panels in Melbourne?

Solar panels in Melbourne are the perfect way to create renewable energy and save money on your power bills. Like in the title Why get Solar panels in Melbourne? Because the government rebate is available for anyone who purchases solar panels. Further more you can claim the VIC Solar rebate provided you haven’t installed solar in the last 10 years or earn over $210,000 a year. Solar power systems are becoming increasingly popular as they become more affordable and accessible. We are situated in the Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, so you can contact us for free advice on 0480264982 website

Solar Rebates are available to help you

If you have any questions about installing solar panels in Melbourne, please feel free to contact us today on 0480264982 . We can help with everything from finding our best solar installer that suits your needs. We will help you with the Total Solar Solution, to making sure everything goes smoothly during installation, and helping you claim your rebate when it’s time for it!

Solar rebates are available for systems up to 100kW. The amount of the rebate is based on the amount of electricity in megawatt hours (MWh) produced by the system over its lifetime, not on how many panels you install or how much electricity you use. The rebates are an incentive to purchase solar panels, but they don’t replace the need for a reliable Clean Energy Company approved by the Clean Energy Council.

Most houses should get at least 6:6Kw Solar System

There are a lot of variables involved in the ongoing analysis of the 6:6kw solar system, and it is worth taking your time to carefully consider what might be best for you.

6:6kw solar systems will cut your power bills by just over 50%, and this amount can be even higher if you’re able to be home during the day to use more power.

If you’re currently on a high electricity rate with your current provider, then the savings from a 6:6kw solar system will be even higher.

Some houses have been fitted with a 6:6kw solar system that is connected to the main switchboard in the house. This can mean that any excess solar power generated can be put back into the grid, and this means that you’ll receive credits on your account for this excess power. This is called feed-in tariff, and it’s really important to check if you’re eligible for it with your energy provider before making any decisions about installing a 6:6kw solar system.

6:6kw solar systems are made up of 18 x 370-watt panels, or 15 x 440 watt solar panels which means that there’s quite a bit of roof space needed to install them (approximately 30 square meters).

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