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           Commercial & Home Solar Panels Installers Melbourne, VIC

Call us and get some solar quotes and see how we can save you money immediately!           Call 1300 556 781 and  find out the solar panel cost  of installing Solar on your premises.

With our Home Solar Panels installers and Commercial Solar Panels installers in Bayswater, Lilydale, Dandenong, Croydon areas, Pretty much any of the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. You can have a Commercial Solar installed where your ROI in  Melbourne is cash flow positive from the first day.  In other words why wouldn’t you get a solar system for your business that saves you more money, in which helps you stay in business and compete better with your opposition. You can have a Solar Energy systems installed for Zero $$$$ upfront with one of our Flexible Solar Funding Plans.   You can start saving immediately. Does that sound good to you? Who doesn’t want to save money especially right now?   We also encourage you to get a free app worth $129 to help you see where and when you using your electricity. 

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  • We have Renewable Energy Funding Plans starting from as low as $13:50 per week with Zero $$$ up front.

  • We believe we have and the Best Installers of Solar Panels in Croydon, Bayswater,  Lilydale,  Dandenong  and in the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs and most of Victoria.
  • When you look at your electricity bill, ask yourself Why haven’t you done anything about it ,and got a solar quotes from us? Does it need to hurt a lot more before you do something about your fat growing electricity bill? You can now!!

For Commercial Solar panel installations we have a special lease to own deal. Please ask us about  some solar quotes from our solar company!

Contact us and let us help you put your fat electricity power bill on a diet!! Switch to renewable energy now!! 1300 556 781 We are here to help you get the cost of a  solar panel  installation and save you money with electricity bill.

Why Home Solar Panels Melbourne? (Victoria}

Reasons to get renewable energy with us. The special legals we have (Maybe the only Solar Company in Melbourne Victoria has) will give you  great confidence that your installation of solar panels whether you are in Melbourne or Rural Victoria will be good   as it gets. You can’t get a better reference in knowing you will  get a great installation with real service. We have excellent Australian  warranties. backed by a big Insurance Company who only insure quality products.

Happy family with our great solar system 6:6KW package

So in 3 ways you will be covered even if by chance your  supplier, manufacturer or all of us go broke. Likewise you can have real  confidence and satisfaction  you made a good decision to get renewable energy and help the environment, and  also got  the right company to have your Solar Panel Installation done with. There is so many things we could say  how good we are, but the main thing is we are not just hype!  What we say we do!!!

To find out how we can save you money in multiple ways Call now!    1300 556 781   or a mobile 0411378082

Why get Solar panels installed on your Premises?

Commercial Home Solar Panels melbourne

Because solar panels will save you lots of money and help with the environment.

The best way to save on your electricity bill?

install solar panels and save money

Simply Install Solar Panels! The return of investment in most places is excellent

How much money could you save with a 6:6kw solar system?

roof solar panels

Here is an example: A 6:6kw system will produce on average at least 20kws a day. So if you use 20kws a day {via your solar system} and you normally pay 30 cents a kw to electricity provider, that would work out to be $6:00 a day. 365 days x $6:00 is a saving of $2,190 a year. {A serious saving for you}

How long does it take to install solar panels Australia?

Commercial Solar System Installers

For a standard 6:6Kw Solar System to be Installed, it normally will be installed in one day. For Commercial Solar Systems it will installation time will go by the size of the solar system.

Are there home solar panel installers in Melbourne?

Home solar panels Melbourne

Search Home Solar Panels Melbourne and you will find many solar Panel installers.

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